my Zope, CMF and Plone contributions

WARNING: this page is becoming outdated by the time; most of what follows was prepared and is run in Zope 2.7 (as was distributed with Debian Sarge).
This material is alpha quality; but it is in use in the Dida portal, so it is tested.

Debian packages

here are my Debian packages for zope.

folder contents

Plone has two different permissions but the standard folder_content does not distinguish; if you have some folders in which you want to let users add folders but not content, you should put in portal_skins/custom my; it is also stylistically different, you may like the look. Note that you should change the navigation box as well, or wait until I do the change and post it :-).

file guide

this helps and guides the user in adding files; put the file in the base of the portal, or in the portal_skins/custom; add this under the actions in portal_actions
Name Guide
Id guide
Action string:${object_url}/file_guide
Condition python: folder is not object
Permission View
Category object_tabs
Visible? yes
and , if you like it,
Name File Adding Guide
Id guide
Action string:${portal_url}/file_guide&all=1
Condition python:
Permission View
Category portal_tabs
Visible? yes

cmf options

this version of CMFOptions works with zope 2.6.1 and CMF 1.3 and Plone 1.0.4 as well. (but, I did not test the Blark weblog)

imap Auth source

This provides authentication with imap+ssl for XUF a.k.a. exUserFolder; unpack imapAuthSource.tgz into exUserFolder; patch the file in exUserFolder as follows
---	Sat Jul  5 23:27:45 2003
+++ Tue Sep 2 15:11:21 2003
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
import radiusAuthSource
import smbAuthSource
import httpsAuthSource
+import imapAuthSource

import nisAuthSource

...with CMF

if you want to use XUF with Plone or CMF, install XUFTools.tgz (by Harry Wilkinson, with a small patch from me, to see the icon); then, substitute the portal_memberdata with the one created by this tool .
NOTE: since imapAuthSource stores the roles of a user as the property "_roles" of the user, when you create a exUserFolder in a CMF or Plone, DO NOT CHOOSE "portal memberdata wrapper" as the property source! otherwise the imap auth source will loop!

...with Plone

Plone needs some extra member properties: go to properties of the  portal_memberdata, and add the following


Ext File

this version of ExtFile.tgz was modified to it can be used in CMFOptions, or in CMF_Mennucc.tgz: both define the "CMF External File" object, to be used in CMF or Plone (the latter is more tested)

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